Sunday, May 8, 2016

Change Hotmail email address

For hotmail users really inconvenient when encountering difficulties not want. There are cases that myself not handle him. If you're using hotmail and cared more about its features, please read the article on our website. I am sure it will help you a lot.
As you know an email address has to be unique - no two people on the planet may be the same, unless they share. The email address provided by Hotmail with your user ID (Windows Live ID) before the 'at' (@) sign next The only way to change a Hotmail email address is to modify the user ID and that you can not do it!
However, Hotmail provides a forwarding options. This means you can have an email sent to another account director ... but only those that end with,,, or as part of Windows Live Custom Name domain. I assume you can figure out the solution - the only way to change the address of my Hotmail email is to create a new account that I transition from an old message. Let us see how we can do this.

Log on to Hotmail and check the option relay

The option to mark down Go drop Hotmail Hotmail site and log into your account. No can do this successfully? Unfortunately, you can not proceed further. You can always try to retrieve Hotmail password but if this process fails, it is best to forget about the old one and make a new Hotmail account.

Once you have opened the Hotmail inbox, click on "Options" in the very near (near the top) and select "Options" from the drop down menu. Now you will have options and set part of Windows Live.

Click the "Forward the message to an e-mail account" under the "Manage Your Account" heading.

Forward the email to another account Hotmail
Now select the radio button in front of "forwarding your mail to another e-mail account" and enter your Hotmail email address instead. Do not have one? No problem, refer to how to get a Hotmail email address to get detailed instructions with screenshots.

Anyway, once you've created a new Hotmail account back to the options forward of the old one, as described above and enter your newly created email address in the text box and click the button " Save ".

Please understand that we have not changed your email address, but make a new account to receive messages from the previous address. But this does not effectively change it, right? Also, you will need to log into your old account once in 90 days or it will be automatically closed by the Hotmail service. Finally, when the email is redirected from one account, they will be removed from it - so the message will only account in which they are forwarded.
Billy wants to know "how to change the address of my Hotmail email?" He also said that there is no such regulation in the setup Hotmail ... and he is 100% correct. You follow the instructions on our to do it.
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