Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How can I get my lost Hotmail emails back?

The key here is what you think is important is stored in one and only one place: a free email account. How you can prepare for this is really very simple: return.

Over the years, I've seen a lot of important documents and emails lost in free email services. Sometimes it is the fault of the service, and sometimes it is the fault of the user, but all was lost - forever. Free email services have very little if any customer support or recourse to help you out.

There are several ways to back up your email account online, and you have made any one of them, this would not be a disaster, it is very likely turn out to be. So if you walk away with a lesson from this, let it be returned.

Your email Getting back is a bit harder. First I'll show you in a post I've been called, "How to contact customer service to" There are several options mentioned in the article.
Finally, there is someone to talk to and no emails to send, but have a website that you can go there with a lot of regular script. There is a section called "restore deleted emails". All that is really only found in the deleted folder to ensure that they do not have. I do, of course, suggest that you do it.
At the bottom of the page they also give you a link to a contact form. Maybe someone will get back to you with the support on this issue, but as I said, I am not very hopeful. Another option is to ask for help in the support forum is also a link to the article from the customer services I mentioned above.
support remote access

About the company you touch: it sounds like you mistake an advertisement somewhere for something more legitimate as Microsoft.
I'm not familiar with the company you mentioned, so I can not say that they did any damage.
I will certainly keep an eye on your computer for suspicious activity, and I will ensure that the tool against malicious software are running and updated. I also make sure that your computer has the database up-to-date malware information.
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