Monday, May 16, 2016

Create a Hotmail account

Just a few simple steps, you can create a new hotmail account. Please read our article to know much more. Here we will share with you.

Step 1: Open the Web browser Firefox, or Google Chrome Coc Coc then click here to register.

Step 2: You enter information in the boxes below:

  • Name: The name that appears on your account.After filling out the information in the Name text box is completed you click on "Or get new email address" then enter further information about User Name

  • User name: The name of your Outlook account, click the arrow to select image
  • Create password: password to log mailbox, go here password length of 8 characters or more, including letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Reenter password: Enter the password above.
  • Country / region: Country you live to work, you choose Vietnam
  • Postal Code: Postal code of 5 digits, for simplicity here I am to 12345
  • Birthday: You enter the date, month and year of his birth.
  • Gender: Choose your gender, male Male, Female if you are female.
  • Count code: national area code, you choose Vietnam (+84)
  • Phone number: Enter the cell phone number you are using, and remember to omit the first 0 offline.
Enter the correct word is displayed on the screen, if not clear you can click New to get a new code or click Audio to listen to that code
Create Your success will switch to 1 microsoft welcome page, do not care about it.

  • To receive and send mail only access: Hotmail .com, after the first log will show 2 options:
  • - Create an Alias: Create a nickname for this email account. If you choose this option will be redirected to the account confirmation. You should choose the option Text or Email:
  • If you choose SMS: You enter the last 4 digits of your phone in a text box and click the Send button code. Microsoft will send one SMS to the phone open to take the news to re-enter the confirmation code is open website and click on Submit.
  • If you choose Email: retype the email into text box and then click submit. then open this email, click the link in the email to confirm.
  • - Skip for now: You should choose this option if you do not want to create a nickname, or to confirm dragged on just

After complete necessary information you click Create account to create your account implemented. Your creation process was successful, you can use right now.
Hotmail accounts are similar to Gmail accounts. If want to use gmail, you need to sign up for Hotmail and gmail too, creating a Hotmail account you can send and receive emails from colleagues and friends.
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