Sunday, May 15, 2016

Outlook Hotmail turnaround

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Outlook includes 4 tags: Mail, People, Calendar and SkyDrive.

The interface is designed elegant Outlook helps users easily read with a few ad impressions.

Outlook can sync with Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing you to access your contacts and photos from within the email.

To use Outlook, Microsoft lets you have two choices: change the name from the old Hotmail address or create a new Outlook address.

With the first option, you log into your Hotmail account, then click on the link to rename, enter the email address with the new extension, and click Save. All the contents of the old Hotmail as contacts, photos, Office documents on SkyDrive will in turn be transferred to the new Outlook.

The second choice is made by pressing the button on the homepage Sign up You enter the information as requested and click I accept to complete the registration process.
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  1. Windows live is considered hotmail. I have email addresses at both domains and when you open them on the PC they both say hotmail in the header. Go with whichever you prefer @live or @hotmail.
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