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Using Hotmail themes and uploading photo

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Adjust photos uploaded in your Hotmail profile
You will find yourself in the profile page Click "Mail" link on the top to return to Hotmail only to find (cheering) your photo instead of the default blank image. Cool!

There are many different ways that you can customize your Hotmail account to suit your requirements. In this procedure we will look at how to customize Hotmail through the topics and upload a photo. FYI, you can also change the name that you provide at the time of creating a Hotmail account - but why would you?

Hotmail theme - Choose the color and picture for your account
The default color on the Hotmail account is a light blue called Windows Live. However, there are some additional topics Hotmail available that you can change the color and image interface. That is:
Bamboo: A green theme with the image of bamboo leaves and stems.
Cherry Blossoms: pink all over, as its name implies. Girly!
Flourish: red and deep pink picture ... for a more equitable world, I suppose.
Maze Brown (Dark): A set of brown with the image of the circle - for more serious users! Originally called Circular
Dottie Orange: A bright orange interface - quite frankly, a pain-in-the-eye, if you know what I mean. Known as the original Dottie.
Springtime Violet (Light): deep purple color theme with pictures of flowers. Old name - flowers.
Victoria Gray (Light): Bland, not attractive but, yes, awake ... quite sober.
Choose a theme for your Hotmail account is quite simple. Go to the "Options" link on the right and then select one from the drop down menu. When you move the mouse pointer over a thumbnail, the entire interface will automatically change to show how the theme looks.

Update: Recently, some new topics have been introduced hotmail including the dynamic, changing according to the time of day or the weather at your location. I think this is the answer to Hotmail's features to create your own themes in Gmail.

Upload your photos and add your Hotmail profile
Another way to personalize your Hotmail account to upload your image and add it to your profile. To do this, follow the steps below to pay special attention to the screenshot.

Select the "Change picture" option.

Now you will be taken to a page through which you can change your profile picture. Click the "Choose File" which will open a pop-up window. Browse to the folder containing your images (actually, you can use any image is not necessarily yours) - refer to the image below.

As long as you are selecting images is less than 4MB, your photos will be uploaded successfully.
Now comes the fun part. Upload, you will be shown the image, you can rotate the cam outline rectangle to select the area you want to include in your profile. Click the "Save" button when done.

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  1. Windows live is considered hotmail. I have email addresses at both domains and when you open them on the PC they both say hotmail in the header. Go with whichever you prefer @live or hotmail