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Hotmail – viral brand

The advent of the Internet brought a lot of utility in human life. new forms of advertising - viral marketing is one of the utilities that .Hotmail is one of the most basic example of viral marketing, it is enhanced by the combination of new technologies and the formation basic form of advertising.
Hotmail is a web-based electronic telegraph free service, which was started by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in October 1996. It is an example of viral marketing on the Internet. . By the end of the month Hotmail has over 20,000 subscribers. In January 1997, the one millionth subscriber registered with Hotmail.

Hotmail ensure that users are transmitting your message just by communicating with each other. by automatically attaching a line of service "sign up and use e-mail services from Hotmail free", and distribution of a transmission line connected to the home by the end of the message.

Hotmail has proved this simple problem by sending e-mail them to relatives. There were 12 million people registered to use within 18 months of operation, it becomes brand and no cost for advertising.

Hotmail has continued to grow and spread by transferring all e-mails on a single marketing tool and a consumer of this service as a brand ambassador.
But Hotmail has become a trademark of Microsoft today, and a lot of money on marketing.

The secret of success:

+ Messages to customers has always been consistent from the beginning: and from which the user will transmit to each other xlan a certain content.
+ Viral marketing: now ttast both had a large e-mail systems than any other means. To spread the brand, people talk to each other via email, so that they automatically add itself as a marketing tool.

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The fact of the brand:

Hotmail is the most successful brands built on viral marketing campaigns
The words “Please sign up and use free e-mail services from Hotmail” is still attached in each of Hotmail messages and attract more users every day.
Hotmail currently has over 187 million users in the world.

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